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Lagos State Governor stops his Convoy and gave two little school-drop-outs Scholarship


Lagos State Governor stops his convoy and helps two little girls

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Governor Sanwo Olu stops his convoy as he jumps into two helpless children to help the out-of-school girls.

Lagos State Governor, His Excellency Governor Baba Jide Sanwo Olu popularly known as Sanwo Olu has revealed another proof of his good Government.

The Governor was melancholy as he saw the two little girls on the streets of Lagos during school hours carrying buckets on theirs.

In the video reported by PUNCH news and Entertainment Madia via Instagram, the Governor enquired why the two girls were outside by that time of the day.

He asked them many questions about their parents and they made him understand that the mother couldn’t afford the academic bills and they had to drop out of school.

Lastly, the Governor assured them of the good life with a scholarship

Watch the video below…