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A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Nigerian music firm has grown vast and this has also created an enormous number of influential forums that have best soared the image of the firm.

Rivalry and competition also have spanked among top stars to the extent that they keep malice on each other trying to satisfy their pride and abide by their grudges.

For decades to date, Nigerian big stars have engaged in a heated conflict that lasted for years and months. Some however have quenched their grudges but history has been made.

This is why we have gathered these points to fish out Afrobeat stars who have fourth with others.

Davido and Wizkid

The two Nigerian Afrobeat Giants, Davido and Wizkid despite their buoyancy have fourth with each other.

This spanked earlier when they struck the limelight and became vast in their various forum. Heated Rivalry even spurred among them when their fan base indulged themselves.

However, as of then, they were still intimate friends until a secrete beef emerged between the two which extended to the grinds of their fan base and even strengthen their dispute.

Davido publicized his first shade for Wizkid after Wizkid fan’s in grieve alleged that his father Adeleke wretched the life of his mother for a ritual purpose.

This gutted Davido who in response vowed that he is better than Wizkid. From this point, the two shaded each other and indulged in heated beef for over 6 years.

One of the most popular shades directed to Davido by Wizkid is the one entitled “Frog Voice” to date, Wizkid’s bitter fans identify Davido as a “Frog voiced” musician.

The two big stars, however, have settled their beef as both fans combat in a heated rivalry.

Olamide and Don Jazzy

Their beef didn’t quite exceed longer but attracted massive attention.

It all started during a Headies annual music award where Don Jazzy’s Signee, Reekado Banks, and Olamide’s signee, Lil kesh emerged as nominees in the same category of ‘The Next Rated Artist’.

Reekado Banks emerged as the winner from stats which thrilled many but slid gutted to the nostalgia of Olamide who found such a decision irritated.

He confronted the show organizers and confidently vowed that Lil Kesh deserved the prize more than Reekado Banks.

In grieve, he slammed the microphone on the ground and left the stage disdainfully which prompted Don Jazzy’s grieve also. He, in a tantrum, urged Olamide to claim the prize if he needs them.

Olamide and Don Jazzy however have quenched their grudges following the current personal relationship they exhibit.

Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shey

Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shey’s Beef was secret before confrontation whacked between the two in a saloon at Lagos and went viral via all the social media platforms.

In a video that transcribed the confrontation portrayed by Tiwa Savage, she was spotted angrily repelling to Seyi Shey the need to avoid uttering a single word to her anytime she sets her eyes on her existence.

At this point, Nigerians realized that the two stars were enemies. But couldn’t figure out the pinnacle of their public feud. However, multiple sources alleged that Seyi Shey shaded Tiwa Savage via her social media handles which she ignored and developed animosities. Tiwa Savage didn’t fancy the fact that she tried to condone a hypocritical temperament by trying to be polite with her despite her recent rants on social media.

The two have squelched their grudges after Seyi Shey announced an incoming song from her and Tiwa Savage.