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“I need a child in my life…” – Nigerian rapper, Ycee reveals

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Nigerian rapper and singer known as Ycee revealed he needs a child in his life.

Oludemilade Alejo, aka Ycee, also revealed that his years of being nice to women have not been fruitful for him.

Ycee revealed this in a Live Instagram monitored by Saturday beats, he said…

“I am trying hard to be wicked but I love women so much. I am trying to be wicked to women this year because all the years of being a nice guy did not pay me. I was just suffering and smiling.”

During the question and answer session with his fans, Ycee also stated that he needed a child in his life by saying…

“I need a child in my life and it is a bit tricky because I just said it’s ‘wickedness’ from here on. So, how am I planning to have kids?”