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Pabi Cooper – Sabela Ft. Mzu M, Yumbs & Sfarzo Rtee


Sabela by Pabi Cooper Ft. Mzu M, Yumbs & Sfarzo Rtee

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

The wonderful track “Sabela” by Pabi Cooper, a multitalented South African female vocalist, and songwriter, is a recent example.

The talented South African musicians Sfarzo Rtee and Sfarzo Mzu M and the equally talented South African singer Mzu M all contributed to this fantastic tune.

The music can be downloaded and shared with your loved ones below. We hope you’ll return to see us again.

Furthermore, this alluring track is the follow-up to her chart-topping hit “Warning,” which is still playing in our heads.

Listen and share your thoughts with us below!