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A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Rord Kelly – Leave Me

Young Nigerian rap artist, singer, and songwriter Rord Kelly once again astound listeners and music fans with his extraordinary abilities in his current hit track, “Leave Me.”

Talented Nigerian vocalist, rap artist, and singer Anih Elijah, best known by his stage name Rord Kelly. As soon as his infectiously catchy single “Amara” was released, he soared to the top of the charts.

His initial hit, the slower and more soulful “Blessed Sinner,” was a radio smash, but his subsequent hit, “Leave Me,” is catchier and more energetic.

Kelly, who just signed with GBC Records, shot to stardom due to the enduring popularity of the mind- and body-blowing tunes he created.

In addition, Rord Kelly’s first album will soon be out, and this exciting single from it is a must-hear for every music enthusiast.

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