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“Today was something very special…” – Everton head coach applauds his players


Frank Lampard is happy as he won his first match as Everton manager

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Everton manager and head coach, Frank Lampard commends his players for a wonderful display at Goodison Park for the FA cup match against Brentford.

Recall we reported earlier that as Frank Lampard is signed to Everton he made a big move by signing players.

SCAN THROUGH: Manchester United ex-player Joins Everton on a loan contract. 

The Chelsea ex-coach and ex-player was lately signed in to Everton as their head coach.

Frank was fortunate to gain victory over his first match against Brentford as the team beats Everton with 3 goals while Everton struggle with just a goal.

At a post-match interview with Lampard, he disclosed how indebted he is for achieving victory as a coach at Goodison Park for the first time.

In the interview, Frank disclosed this saying…

“I have huge thanks to the fans, who have been so welcoming from my first day.

“Today was something very special and something I’ll never forget.

“We all hear about the Goodison effect and we wanted to bring that out today – the way the players played did that.” 💙