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“Ronaldo has never been a problem” – Manchester United midfielder, Pogba praises Ronaldo.


Manchester United overcomed Tottenham with a 3 2 victory against Tottenham.

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Manchester United Center midfielder, Paul Pogba praises his teammate, attacker, Cristiano Ronaldo apropos his unique performance during their match against Tottenham.

Manchester United overcome Tottenham with a 3 2 victory against Tottenham at Old Trafford on Saturday night.

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Portuguese and Manchester United attacker, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick and this has enabled him to become the second oldest footballer to score a hat-trick in the premier league.

Pogba was happy for his teammate and praised him during an interview with BBC

Paul Pogba told BBC that Ronaldo is never The problem of Manchester United.

He also gushed that Ronaldo is the best striker by saying…

“Everybody knows Cristiano – no need to talk. Everybody’s happy. Ronaldo has never been a problem. You have the best striker in history in our team, he cannot be a problem”,